Call for Papers

You can download the NeuroIS Retreat 2024 Call for Papers here.

Types of papers:

  • Completed research (empirical, conceptual, theoretical, and design science research papers)
  • Work-in-progress papers

Possible topics (Examples):

NeuroIS studies comprise conceptual and empirical works, as well a theoretical and design science research. It includes research based on all types of neuroscience and physiological methods. Contributions may address the following topics, among others:

  • Employment of neurophysiological tools to study IS phenomena (e.g., technology adoption, mental workload, website design, flow, virtual worlds and metaverse, emotions and human-computer interaction, e-commerce, biofeedback, social networks, information behavior, trust, IT security, usability, avatars, music and user interfaces, multitasking, memory, attention, IS design science, risk, knowledge processes, business process modeling, ERP systems, and AI systems such as ChatGPT)
  • Application of psychophysiological approaches to study technostress, videoconference fatigue, information overload, and IT addiction
  • Identification of the neural correlates of IS constructs based on neuroscience methods
  • Neuroadaptive systems and software prototypes of NeuroIS applications, which use biosignals (e.g., EEG, skin conductance, pupil dilation) as system input
  • Discussion of methodological and ethical issues and evaluation of the status of the NeuroIS field


The conference proceedings will be published by Springer (Series: Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation), and hence all accepted papers will be available online through the SpringerLink Digital Library, readily accessible by all subscribing libraries around the world, and will be indexed by a number of corresponding services (e.g., Scopus).