Thanks for making the 10 years anniversary event a great success - see you again in Vienna in 2019!

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This website provides information about NeuroIS. In particular, the site describes the NeuroIS Retreat. The main objective of this annual conference is to discuss past achievements, current research and development projects, and possible avenues for the future development of NeuroIS. The NeuroIS Retreat was held in Gmunden, Austria, in the period 2009-2017. Starting in 2018 with the 10 years anniversary, the NeuroIS Retreat will be held in Vienna, one of the world's most beautiful cities.

NeuroIS Retreat 2018

June 19-21. We celebrate the 10 year anniversary!

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Proceedings 2017

NeuroIS Retreat 2017

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Video 2017

Video of the NeuroIS Retreat 2017

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