Dr. Hermann Zemlicka Award

The NeuroIS community lost a visionary thinker. Dr. Hermann Zemlicka, who was an Austrian politician, member of the Gmunden City Council, and an entrepreneur, passed away at age 55 in June 2012. Dr. Hermann Zemlicka significantly contributed to the establishment of the NeuroIS Retreat. Without his visionary support, it would not have been possible to bring this conference into being. In memoriam of this outstanding person, the Dr. Hermann Zemlicka Award is given to “the most visionary paper” by the Conference Committee each year.

Previous winner papers:

2013 winner: Looking for Information Relevance in the Brain by Jacek Gwizdka, University of Texas at Austin, USA.

2014 winner: Designing Web Pages for Increased Content Familiarity: A Strategy 1 Study by Rob Gleasure, University College Cork, Ireland.

2015 winner: Neurophysiological Analysis of Visual Syntax in Design by Christopher J. Davis and Alan R. Hevner, University of South Florida, USA.

2016 winner: A Refined Examination of Worker Age and Stress: Explaining How, and Why, Older Workers Are Especially Techno-Stressed in the Interruption Age by Stefan Tams, HEC Montréal, Canada.

2017 winner: Using EEG Signal to Analyze IS Decision Making Cognitive Processes by Nabila Salma, Bin Mai, Kamesh Namuduri, Rasel Mamun, Yassir Hashem, Hassan Takabi, Natalie Parde, and Rodney Nielsen, University of North Texas, USA.

2018 winner: Using Gaze Behavior to Measure Cognitive Load by Lisa Perkhofer and Othmar Lehner, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria and University of Oxford, UK.

2019 winner: The Effect of Technology on Human Social Perception: A Multi-Methods NeuroIS Pilot Investigation by Peter Walla and Sofija Lozovic, Webster Vienna Private University, Austria and Newcastle University, Australia.