Special Issue Announcement: “Consumer Neurscience and Consumer Behaviour” in Administrative Sciences edited by Peter Walla – Deadline for Submissions: December 31, 2018.
For further information: Special Issue


The dates and venue for the NeuroIS Retreat 2019 have been announced: June 4-6 2019 at Schloss Wilhelminenberg in Vienna, Austria.

The anniversary book is now online and available for download.

The 10 years anniversary retreat was a great success! A video of the retreat and pictures will be posted on the website soon. Please also see:

Neural Correlates of Multidimensioal Visualizations: An fMRI Comparison of Bubble and Three-Dimensional Surface Graphs Using Evolutionary Theory by Eric Walden, David Lucas, Roozmehr Safi, Gabriel Cogo, and Elshan Moradiabadi

NeuroIS Paper in PLoS ONE: Dumont, L.; Larochelle-Brunet, F.; Théoret, H.; Riedl, R.; Sénécal, S.; Léger, P.-M. (forthcoming): Non-invasive brain stimulation in information systems research: a proof-of-concept study. PLoS ONE.

Special Issue Announcement:  “Theorizing information systems from a neuroscientific perspective” in AIMS Neuroscience edited by Lars Taxén – Further information: Special Issue

New Technology presented in current Nature article: “Moving magnetoencephalography towards real-world applications with a wearable system

NeuroIS paper in MIS Quarterly: Vance, A., Jenkins, J., Anderson, B., Bjornn, D., Kirwan, B. “Tuning Out Security Warnings: A Longitudinal Examination of Habituation through fMRI, Eye Tracking, and Field Experiments,” MIS Quarterly 42(2)