René Riedl, Fred D. Davis, Thomas Fischer (eds.):

NeuroIS Retreat – 10 Years Anniversary Book

  • Riedl, R.; Davis, F. D; Banker, R. D.; Kenning, P. H.: Neuroscience in Information Systems Research: Applying Knowledge of Brain Functionality Without Neuroscience Tools. Springer Verlag, Berlin et al. 2017 (Serie: Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation) ISBN 978-3-319-48754-0 [Further Information]
  • Riedl, R.; Léger, P.-M.: Fundamentals of NeuroIS – Information Systems and the Brain. Springer Verlag, Berlin et al. 2016. ISBN 978-3-662-45090-1 [Further Information]


Aaron Newman, presenter of the 2020 NeuroIS Retreat Hot Topic Talk, published the following methods book:

Research Methods for Cognitive Neuroscience, Sage, 2019